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Afro- Streetwear

When culture meets fashion.

Afro-Streetwear has been emerging the past few year as a mixture between Afro-cultures and fashion. With brands like Daily Paper, Filling Pieces but also PopCaven and Jekkah. It's the expression of one's roots and identity into their clothing.

This trend started mainly in the 80's and 90's with brands like FUBU. Founder Daymond John sold his first FUBU hats in 1989. A decade later, the company was worth 350 million USD.

In the early 00's hip hop fashion fused with high fashion. With now brands like Gucci and Versace selling streetwear as well. This started a movement of High Fashion Afro-Streetwear. Think of Yeezy, Golfwang and Billionaire Boys Club.

It doesn't matter what era Afro/Urban/Black fashion is in, it always brings a unique aspect to the fashion industry. Making it something that will never go away.

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